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Foochow (Fuzhou) is a historical town. (Foochow) has unique characteristics and is full of cultural heritage. (With these idioms) locals can read by heart, and may recall distant but warm memories; linguistics can obtain precious samples to study the phonetic, syntax or gammmer patterns aged Min language; historians and social scientists may study the culture implications of them; literaturast may discover the art and creativity of dialects... --Prof. Li Lulong

Foochow Idioms consists of web and mobile apps. Its aim is to faciliate learning and looking up of those idioms. Future plans include allowing the public to submit idioms and improve the database.

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Fuzhou Dialect Idioms and Songs, Chen Zeping, Fujian People's Press

Special thanks to the support by Prof. Chen Zeping.

Voice by Mrs.Wong from Foochow.

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