ADFD Digitalization


Alphabetic Dictionary of the Foochow Dialect, Third Edition, 1929 is one of the first Foochow - English dictionaries written by missionaries in Foochow.

The first edition was published in 1870.

The third edition of this dictionary has 2000+ pages with tens of thousands of entries.

Why Digitalize This Dictionary?

Digitalizing this dictionary will not only create the largest Foochow dictionary openly available online, but it will also be benificial to scholars, especially those whose focus is on the evolution of Eastern Min over time.

Potential applications include:

Plan & Outline

Stage 1 - Segmentation [Done]

Stage 2 - Machine OCR [Planning a 2nd attempt]

Stage 3 - Crowdsourced Reviewing [Ongoing]

Stage 4 - Post-processing

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